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Two Sessions for WeWork Community: A Glimpse into the Insights


Bart Soja





Our recent sessions for the WeWork community left our participants with invaluable insights and a deeper understanding of leadership's pivotal role in motivating and engaging teams. Not only did they refine their strategic thinking skills, but they also acquired the ability to select the most effective management strategies. The highlight of the event was mastering the art of building relationships grounded in shared objectives. As we observed the teams engaging with our classic games, several intriguing reflections emerged from these gameplays:

The Power of Patient Implementation: Having a brilliant idea is one thing, but patient implementation is another. This was vividly demonstrated by one group that methodically executed an idea borrowed from the competition, ultimately emerging victorious. A reminder that successful leadership often involves a careful and strategic approach, even if it seems a bit ironic.

Our Innate Pattern-Seeking Nature: Humans are wired to seek patterns and rules, both in games and in reality. This trait is thought to be atavistic, aiding in our survival. However, in an ever-evolving world, we increasingly find ourselves navigating a landscape where patterns are elusive. Adaptability and flexibility become crucial skills.

Maintaining Engagement in the Final Stretch: In games, it's often crucial to maintain engagement in the final stretch, whether it's the last 2-3 minutes or even just 30 seconds. The same principle applied to our sessions. Participants discovered the challenge of managing their energy levels when the race through hurdles seemed never-ending. Often, it's in those last 3 minutes when perseverance matters most.

Our sessions with the WeWork community were a journey of discovery, emphasizing the importance of leadership, adaptability, and perseverance in today's dynamic work environment. These insights mirror our commitment at Assimilate to empower individuals and organizations with the skills they need to thrive in a constantly changing world. Stay tuned for more transformative experiences with us.

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