The Collectors Game 


An online, collaborative game experience designed to exceed your team-building expectations. 

Through a dynamic, online game and powerful conversations your teams will more effectively:   

Onboard new team members
Get to know each other better
Determine best practices for working remote
Discuss principles for better team collaboration 
Generate ideas for achieving goals 
Improve communication and leadership skills

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The Collectors Game

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The Collectors

The Collectors

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The Collectors is a fun and powerful team based simulation game that pushes teams to think quickly, develop and implement strategies, communicate effectively and collaborate for maximum results.


Held online, through either Zoom or MS Teams, and facilitated by our professional facilitators and experienced coaches, The Collectors Game creates a memorable training event for your teams and has never been easier. 

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Up to 500

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1.5-3 hours




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"The Collectors reminded us again about the value of having fun and not giving up until the final battle - both in the game and in the execution of the company."

Agnieszka Zawadka, CMO

What to Expect

To make it as easy as possible

we want to help you know the process from proposal to final words. Our goal is to make sure you know exactly what to expect and to ensure that we deliver on your objectives for the event. 

The Collectors Game experience can be designed to run from 1.5 to 3 hours. The more time we have for the event the more dynamic discussions your team can have.

Before Event

Game Play

45 minutes

Divided into smaller teams your participants will experience The Collectors Game. 


5 minutes

Final thoughts and conclusions to wrap up our experience together. 

Request a Proposal

We will send you an offer and set up a meeting to talk and hear about your objectives



15 minutes

Welcoming your team to the event with fun, interactive questions and instructions.

Dynamic Discussions

30-120 minutes

Reflecting on the game, your teams will discussion powerful, team-building questions that will help them collaborate more effectively in the real world.  

Event Design Call

During this initial call we will clarify how much time we have and which goals are the most important for your team to discuss and reach. We will also set up additional calls as necessary.

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We look forward to working with you and creating a powerful team-building process for your teams. Request a proposal or contact us if you have any questions. 

On behalf of the Assimilate team, 

Bart Soja

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