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The Collectors:
Holiday Edition

A Dynamic, remote team building experience 

"The Collectors: Holiday Edition is a powerful team-based business simulation game, held completely online, that pushes teams to think quickly, develop and implement strategies, communicate effectively and collaborate for maximum results, all in the context of fun.”

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Our Game

The Collectors: Holiday Edition

Get ready for some holiday fun as we take your team to the North Pole where they will work together to collect presents for schools around the world! In the context of holiday cheer your teams will get to know each other better, learn about collaboration and team work and create and implement strategies which they can apply into their remote/hybrid environment.  

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Up to 500

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1.5-2 hours

Our Team
Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych  (69) Joanna Średnicka.jpg

Joanna Średnicka

As one of the founders of Pracownia Gier and holding a PhD in Management, Joanna posesses both the passion and experience to help your teams go to the next level.

Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych  (52) Nathan Berry.jpg

Nathan Berry

Having trained teams of global firms for over 10 years, Nathan's communication and facilitation skills make him one of the best trainers for your teams. 

Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych  (8) Filip TOmaszewski.jpg

Filip Tomaszewski

Data, analysis and systems are Filip's passions. With his experience as a co-founder of Pracownia Gier, he is constantly strategizing how business teams can grow and multiply. 

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"Collectors reminded us again that it is worth having fun with what you do and not giving up until the final battle - both in the game and in the execution of the company’s.”

Agnieszka Zawadka, CMO

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